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Sep 26, 2012 7:00pm EDT
rise of from bloodshed just to get our. when we need now is educational revolution. tavis: this book is brutally honest about a number of things. i want to go through your attempt to be brutally honest, so we were talking about youth rising up and bloodshed. you talk about how you went looking for somebody after the and you are glad you did not find him, because you might have done something you had no business doing. i will let you tell the story. >> being with my wife who is my greatest killer common -- greatest pillar, in haiti we painted a picture of how it was going down, and when i got to the cemetery, the hole was supposed to have one or two people. this guy was putting in seven bodies and taking the money and keeping in, so when i put one of my young guys, this guy, his daughter had just died in the earthquake, and he has tattoos of wyclef jean. i tell you that because a man who is going to tattoo you on it, that is indeed statement , so when i left him and got to where they got to and they said somebody had killed him, i completely lost my mind. i forgot i was in the middle
Oct 3, 2012 8:00am EDT
education. the irony, of course is that what romney proposes, or tax cuts for the rich, slashing government, slashing help for precisely those who need it, slashing government's role in infrastructure, in science and technology, would take us so far away from what we need, i wish president obama had the revenues to do more, but it is the republican side that is blocking that because that party has one idea only. and that is to cut taxes for the rich. we have this multi-brazilian there running for office. his money is in the cayman island. he pays 13% in taxes. he says the most important thing is to cut the tax rates at the top for the. it is mind-boggling that we have this kind of blatant candidacy. people are hurting, people are upset. that is why this weirdness even has a choice. but it would take as exactly in the wrong direction. president obama could have done more and would have done more if the republican opposition had not blocked the end of the bush era tax cuts for the rich, for example. so romney is in quite a position to be blaming president obama for that when it is
Sep 29, 2012 12:30am EDT
. i am easily over educated for what i do. but it did instill in me a sense of pride for the craft of acting and storytelling, holding up a mirror to people and entertaining people and making them laugh and improving their lives. i wanted to do that at a level where i was not just responsible for the role. going into "the hunger gam g" tomorrow. i am only responsible for playing the role to the best of my ability. it is very gratifying to be with a project from the seed, from that book proposal across the desk, seeing the project in my mind's eye, finding the great collaborators, finding the writer to write it, finding a great director to directed, giving the actors and jobs. to be able to say yes to other people is a great feeling, really gratifying, amazing feeling. tavis: what, to your mind, made "the hunger games" work so well? >> did you read the book? those books captured everything for me. i can -- i think katniss is truly a modern heroine. she has an amazing moral compass. she also gets to fall in love. she gets to win and triumphed and take an entire nation with her. it is an
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)